The Games Are Real The Experiences Are UNREAL !




Premier Escape Room in Staten Island, NY


Escape games are the latest entertainment and team building rage that is sweeping the nation. At Unreal Escapes, you will be transported into a Hollywood quality designed set with the task of looking for clues, solving riddles and puzzles, all while trying to escape the room. The lines between fiction and reality will begin to blur. You will only have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and escape the room. Win or lose you're guaranteed to have fun, and you will most certainly be back for more.



2571 Arthur Kill Road (Near Bloomingdale Rd., off Rt. 440)

Staten Island, NY 10309

UNREAL ESCAPES STATEN ISLAND Promises to be New York City's' premier Live Escape Room Experience. A family friendly venue that will challenge your mind while bringing excitement, suspense, and loads of fun to everyone that feels they are up for the challenge. At Unreal Escapes, The Games Are Real The Experiences Are UNREAL. Corporate Team building, private and group parties are something we specialize in.  We are a cutting edge entertainment company with your enjoyment in mind.


So, bring your coworkers, employees, family, friends, dates, or come to us and we will pair you up with other like minded adventure seekers for the experience of a LIFETIME.


Our Unreal Missions

Come experience our first two, ground breaking, one of a kind, escape room adventures.


With new games coming soon, our first two will leave you begging for more.


At Unreal Escapes we don’t conform to standards, WE CREATE THEM!



You have exactly 60 minutes to engrave your image on the club and still escape before the feds bust in and break up the party.

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World War III has broken out, you and your fellow officers have been chosen for your one of a kind military background and battle skills. The mission for you and your team is to destroy the enemy, and save our country from the invading forces. Your challenge is great because the enemy fleet will arrive in 60 minutes.


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Unreal Escapes is proud to announce that we are always improving and adding on. Be sure to keep checking in with us, to check out the several new and exciting experiences that we will be adding on in the coming months. Shhh, it's a secret we can’t tell you what it is, but we promise it will be UNREAL...




Are we really locked in a room?

NO, for fire safety reasons you are never, ever truly "locked In a room" We tell you to pretend that the door we brought you in through is locked.  Your game is fully monitored by our game masters on closed circuit video with audio to communicate with guests at any time.  You may leave at any time if you feel you need to, however you will not be permitted to re-join the game so as to not disturb the other players.

Are the lights turned off?

No! never, nor is it scary. We pride ourselves in producing family fun games for all to experience.

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